Celebrating United Nations Day

The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) is a landmark, international anti-corruption treaty adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2003. There are 186 countries bound by UNCAC so far. UNCAC has coverage both geographically and in the extent of its provisions. UNCAC signatories recognize the importance of preventive and punitive measures, international cooperation and technical assistance. The United Nations and particularly the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), has been instrumental in the global fight against corruption. This United Nations Day (October 24th 2019) we at the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform, a UNODC Program Network Institute, would like to take a moment to celebrate these UNODC and UNCAC anti-corruption successes:


Legislative Reform

By 2017 86% of States had reported legislative reform efforts such as improving or adopting anti-corruption laws1

International Cooperation

By 2017 58% of States had reported that the UNCAC had strengthened their cooperation capacities to fight corruption at the national and international levels1

Identifying Problems

By 2017 74% of States that participated in UNCAC country visits reported that the UNCAC peer review process had helped them identify gaps and shortcomings in their existing anti-corruption frameworks1

Happy United Nations Day, and congratulations from ICCLR to all of the dedicated people who helped to bring about these amazing achievements!

  1. UNCAC Conferences of States Parties – Note by the Secretariat CAC/COSP/2017/12