Violence, corruption and crime have devastating consequences for communities all over the world. Criminal law and criminal justice policy are powerful tools that can help keep communities safe. However, when resources are limited and communities are at risk it can often be difficult to quickly and accurately determine the best policy options for positive change. ICCLR has been leading criminal law and criminal justice policy reform projects since 1991. In Canada and internationally, ICCLR offers programming oriented to technical co-operation that is consistent with United Nations international human rights standards and with Canada’s international development goals. ICCLR’s long history of successful partnerships with authorities and civil society organizations all over the world speaks to the quality of our work and to our ability to continue to assist governments in developing and sustaining healthy, safe communities.

Technical assistance projects are non-financial assistance provided by ICCLR experts and specialists. ICCLR develops and delivers technical assistance programs including needs assessments, capacity building measures, performance indicators, and measurement frameworks. In addition, ICCLR Associates can provide recommendations on legislative reform, legislation drafting and treaty implementation.

Throughout its history, ICCLR has successfully delivered on technical assistance projects in Africa, Asia, Canada, the Caribbean and Central America. Examples of some of our technical assistance projects can be found here – ICCLR Impact Stories


ICCLR Associates include criminologists, legal specialists, former law enforcement practitioners, computer scientists and gender experts. Because of this ICCLR is able to offer insights that incorporate multiple perspectives and dimensions in the fields of Anti-Corruption, Gender-based Violence, Violence Against Children, Restorative Justice, Cybercrime, Corrections, Access to Justice and Justice System Efficiency.

In recent years, ICCLR Associates have developed reports on a wide range of Canadian-focused topics for the Law Foundation of British Columbia, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, the Government of British Columbia and the Department of Justice Canada among others. ICCLR has also recently developed internationally focused reports for the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), UN Women, and Global Affairs Canada. Many of our published reports can be found here – ICCLR Publications


Hosting conferences, developing workshops, and participating in seminars and expert meetings are among ICCLR’s most important activities. ICCLR delivers current, timely and community-specific programming to advance conversations with policymakers and stakeholders.

ICCLR has developed workshops for a wide range of audiences including State delegates at the UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, developing nation justice system actors, civil society actors, Canadian justice sector public servants, victims and survivors of crime and many others. ICCLR Associates engage in thought leadership as accomplished workshop leaders and presenters around the world.

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